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At WarrenMetro, we want to help you maximize your career potential and job satisfaction. We begin with a discussion of your long-term career goals. We also want to understand your past employment experiences as well as your work style and preferences for a work environment. This understanding is instrumental in discerning which opportunities, either current or future, make the most sense from both a personality and business perspective. We take a personal interest in our candidates and want to spend time getting to know them. All communications with our firm will be strictly confidential.

We will also work with you to develop a top-notch resume and provide interview-coaching based on our extensive hiring experience and knowledge of firms, contacts and job specifications for a given position. This is all in an effort to help you advance toward your long-term goals and assist you in finding the best position to maximize your skills and talents. Finally, we will help you analyze your offer and provide everything we can to help you make the best decision for you.

Contract Attorneys

In situations where full-time employment may not be available or desired, WarrenMetro specializes in helping you find temporary or part-time legal employment opportunities. If you are interested in exploring such opportunities, please contact us. We are in constant communication with law firms and other businesses with temporary legal employment needs, and we are delighted to help you see if any of these positions would be right for you.